Thorough renovation of the RT4 radio telescope

Largo Hale - Lasertechnika - Gdańsk - hall height 30m. Anti-corrosion protection of the steel structure.

Anticorrosion of car - fuel semitrailers

Insulation of installations at a candle manufacturer in Inowrocław

Insulation of Elana Toruń installations

Isolation of the engine room Hotel Warszawa

Insulation PGE Toruń
- heating pipelines

Insulation of pipelines and air handling units in Szczecin Logistics Center

Tank insulation

Mondi Świecie - Anti-corrosion

Anticorrosion of trusses - 7R Park Tczew

Anti-corrosion protection
of 50 mobile platforms

Anticorrosive works of the Lubstów reservoirs

Wastewater Treatment Plant in Milicz

Conservation of walls - Pałac Ślubów Toruń

Bridge in Połaniec

Maintenance of agricultural machinery

Industrial insulation implemented in a new factory in Germany

Protection of the electrostatic precipitator structure in EC Ostrołęka

Insulation of pipelines and fittings at Lotos Gdańsk

Tank insulation

Construction for the project of Kajima Poland -Panattoni Park Warsaw North Radzymin

Execution of insulation - Kronopol Szczecinek

Anti-corrosion protection of the bridge near Radom

Reactor insulation - Bydgoszcz heat and power plant

Boiler insulation K4 - Ciech Inowrocław

Pipeline insulation - Inowrocław CHP plant

Anticorrosion of steel tanks - Cukrownia Diament Środa Wielkopolska

Construction of the EDF Gdynia boiler

Thermal insulation of the 910MW power unit - Jaworzno

Anticorrosion and renovation of concrete tanks

Anticorrosion and insulation of pipelines EDF Toruń - GT50

Anticorrosion and insulation of EDF Toruń pipelines

Anticorrosion - painting the water unit

Antykorozja Mur Oporowy Autostrada A1