Painting the structure of the helipad at the St. Vincent de Paul hospital in Gdynia

Insulation of tanks and pipelines
at the Radlin Coking Plant

Anticorrosion of pipelines for the Solino Mine (Orlen Group)

Thorough renovation of the RT4 radio telescope

Largo Hale - Lasertechnika - Gdańsk - hall height 30m. Anti-corrosion protection of the steel structure.

Anticorrosion of car - fuel semitrailers

Insulation of installations at a candle manufacturer in Inowrocław

Insulation of Elana Toruń installations

Isolation of the engine room Hotel Warszawa

Insulation PGE Toruń
- heating pipelines

Insulation of pipelines and air handling units in Szczecin Logistics Center

Tank insulation

Mondi Świecie - Anti-corrosion

Anticorrosion of trusses - 7R Park Tczew

Anti-corrosion protection
of 50 mobile platforms

Anticorrosive works of the Lubstów reservoirs

Wastewater Treatment Plant in Milicz

Conservation of walls - Pałac Ślubów Toruń

Bridge in Połaniec

Maintenance of agricultural machinery

Industrial insulation implemented in a new factory in Germany

Protection of the electrostatic precipitator structure in EC Ostrołęka

Insulation of pipelines and fittings at Lotos Gdańsk

Tank insulation

Construction for the project of Kajima Poland -Panattoni Park Warsaw North Radzymin

Execution of insulation - Kronopol Szczecinek

Anti-corrosion protection of the bridge near Radom

Reactor insulation - Bydgoszcz heat and power plant

Boiler insulation K4 - Ciech Inowrocław

Pipeline insulation - Inowrocław CHP plant

Anticorrosion of steel tanks - Cukrownia Diament Środa Wielkopolska

Construction of the EDF Gdynia boiler

Thermal insulation of the 910MW power unit - Jaworzno

Anticorrosion and renovation of concrete tanks

Anticorrosion and insulation of pipelines EDF Toruń - GT50

Anticorrosion and insulation of EDF Toruń pipelines

Anticorrosion - painting the water unit

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